Sky - Commands


Catégorie Commande Description Exemple
Utilities avatar View his avatar s!avatar @Kev1#5446
Utilities afk Send an absence message when ping s!afk I am sleeping !
Utilities remafk Removes the absence message s!remafk
Utilities ui View user information s!ui @Kev1#5446
Utilities si View server information s!si
Utilities emojis View the list of emoticons on the server s!emojis
Utilities meteo Allows you to have the weather of a city s!meteo Rouen
Utilities countdown Start a countdown s!countdown 5m
Utilities remindme Allows you to schedule a reminder s!remindme 5m Call Mom
Utilities createinvite Permet de créer une invitation pour un serveur s!creatinvite
Utilities infoemoji View information about an emoticon s!infoemoji :emoji:
Utilities sugg Send a suggestion to a salon s!sugg Give me money !
Utilities report Flag a user s!report @Kev1#5445 Insult
Utilities calc Allows you to perform operations s!calc 5+2
Utilities inforole View information about a role s!inforole @role
Systems docs View the documentation for the Systems category s!docs
Systems setonlywelcomemessage Displays only a welcome message s!setonlywelcomemessage #channel Welcome {user.mention}
Systems setonlyleavemessage Displays only a leave message s!setonlyleavemessage #channel Bye Bye {user.mention}
Systems setwelcomechannel Set a channel where a welcome picture will be sent s!setwelcomechannel #channel
Systems setwelcomemessage Send a welcome message with the picture s!setwelcomemessage Welcome {user.mention}
Systems setleavechannel Set a channel where a leave picture will be sent s!setleavechannel #channel
Systems setleavemessage Send a leave message withe the picture s!setleavemessage Bye Bye {user.mention}
Systems setreportchannel Allows you to define a channel where user reports will be listed s!setreportchannel #channel
Systems setwarnschannel Allows you to define a channel where user warns will be listed s!setwarnschannel #channem
Systems setlogschannel Enable logs in a channel s!setlogschannel #logschannel
Systems setsuggchannel Enable suggestions in a channel s!setsuggchannel #suggchannel
Systems setautorole Allows to give a role to the arrival of a user s!setautorole @role
Fun calin To hug an user [GIF] s!calin @Kev1#5446
Fun bisou To kiss an user [GIF] s!bisou @Kev1#5446
Fun tue To kill an user [GIF] s!tue @Kev1#5446
Fun clap To applause an user [GIF] s!clap @Kev1#5446
Fun bvn Said Welcome to an user s!bvn @Kev1#5446
Fun gifle Slap an user [GIF] s!gifle @Kev1#5446
Fun poing Hit an user [GIF] s!poing @Kev1#5446
Fun say Lets talk Sky s!say Kev1 is the best !
Fun fumer Smoke [GIF] s!fumer
Fun bonbon Give candy s!bonbon
Fun question Ask Sky s!question Am I ugly?
Fun flip Allows to play a coin s!flip
Fun textflip Returns a text s!textflip Kev1
Fun rolldice Allows to roll a die s!rolldice
Fun slot Lets play the slot machine s!slot
Fun pizza Order pizza [PICTURE] s!pizza
Fun pfc Play rocks paper scissors s!pfc
Fun dog Send a dog [PICTURE] s!dog
Fun cat Send a cat [PICTURE] s!cat
Fun ascii Display your text in ASCII mode s!ascii KEV1
Fun bingo Play Bingo s!bingo 50
Fun bigtext Display your text in large s!bigtext kev1
Fun morse Translate text to morse s!morse My Beautiful text
Fun hate Lets evaluate your hatred with another player s!hate @Kev1#5446
Fun love Lets evaluate your love with another player s!love @Kev1#5446
RPG debut Let's start in your adventure RPG Sky s!debut
RPG profil View an RPG profile s!profil @Kev1#5446
RPG boutique Display the shop s!boutique
RPG acheter Buy an item in the shop s!acheter arcdebutant
RPG prix Display the price of an item s!prix arcdebutant
RPG checkbonus View equipment bonuses s!bonus arclegendaire
RPG chasser Hunts for meat s!chasser / s!ch
RPG pecher Fish for fish s!pecher / s!ph
RPG miner Mining to obtain minerals s!miner / s!mn
RPG couper Cut to obtain wood s!couper / s!cp
RPG cueillir Picking to obtain mushrooms s!cueillir / s!cu
RPG guerre Let's war on an user s!guerre @Kev1#5446
RPG guerreon Let's get into war mode s!guerreon
RPG guerreoff Let's get into peace mode s!guerreoff
RPG vendre Sell his ressources s!vendre bois 40
RPG echange Troc items s!echange rubis 6
RPG envoyer Send money to an user s!envoyer @Kev1#5446 4000
RPG donner Send ressources to an user s!donner @Kev1#5446 poissons 40
RPG inventaire View inventory of an user s!inventaire @Kev1#5446 / s!inv
RPG coffre View the chests and open them s!coffre bois
RPG like Like an user profile s!like @Kev1#5446
RPG bio Edit your biography s!bio I am the best
RPG equipements View equipements of an user s!equipements @Kev1#5446
RPG team Join a team s!team Redemption
RPG daily Lets receive money every day s!daily
RPG dailycoffre Lets receive coffer every day s!dailycoffre
Pictures bloor Allows blood to stain your profile picture s!bloor
Pictures bobross Allows be paint by Bob Ross s!bobross
Pictures blur Allows you to blur your profile picture s!blur
Pictures captcha Get his profile picture in a captcha s!captcha
Pictures pretty Get his profile picture with beautiful meme s!pretty
Pictures treasure Get his profile picture with treasure meme s!treasure
Pictures whatspokemon Get his profile picture with WhatsPokemon meme s!whatspokemon
Pictures jackolantern Get his profile picture with jack'o lantern s!jackolantern
Pictures gay Get his profile picture with LGBT flag s!gay
Pictures prison Get his profile picture in prison s!prison
Pictures triggered Get his profile picture in vibrating mode s!triggered
Games statsfortnite Provides Fortnite statistics for an account s!statsfortnite Kev1
Games statscsgo Provides CSGO statistics for an account s!statscsgo Kev1
Games mcstatus Get the status of a Minecraft server s!mcstatus
Games mcskin Get the skin of a Minecraft account s!mcskin Kev1
Games mccombo Get the skin of a Minecraft account with its head s!mccombo Kev1
Games steamstore Provides information on a game from the Steam store s!steamstore PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
Music play Play music s!play WOW - Post Malone
Music pause Pause music s!pause
Music resume Resume paused music s!resume
Music nowplaying Lets you know the current music s!nowplaying
Music replaynow Allows you to restart the music that has just been played s!replaynow
Music loop Loop a playlist s!loop
Music queue View the music queue s!queue
Music clearqueue Clear the music queue s!clearqueue
Music skip Skip to the next music s!skip
Music skipto Skip several music s!skipto 5
Music volume Change bot bolume s!volume 50
Music connect Connect the bot to the music channel s!connect
Music disconnect Disconnect the bot to the music channel s!disconnect
Moderation analysepub Analyze a user's nickname s!analysepub
Moderation kick Kick an user from the server s!kick @Kev1#5446 reason
Moderation ban Ban an user from the server s!ban @Kev1#5446 reason
Moderation unban Unban an user from the server s!unban @Kev1#5446
Moderation hackban Ban an user with his id s!hackban 443570807826939919
Moderation unhackban Unban an user with an id s!unhackban 443570807826939919
Moderation channelmute Mute an user in a channel s!channelmute @Kev1#5446
Moderation channelunmute Unmute an user in a channel s!channelunmute @Kev1#5446
Moderation mute Mute an user in the server s!mute @Kev1#5446
Moderation demute Unmute an user in the serveur s!demute @Kev1#5446
Moderation clear Delete messages from the channel (max 99) s!clear 50
Moderation warn Warn a user s!warn
Moderation lockchannel Block the writing of all the users of a channel s!lockchannel
Moderation unlockchannel Unlock the writing of all users of a channel s!unlockchannel
Moderation templockchannel Block the writing of all the users of a channel a certain time s!templockchannel
Moderation tempmute Mute an user a certain time s!tempmute @Kev1#5446 5m
Moderation nickname Change the nickname of an user s!nickname @Kev1#5446 Kev1 LaStar
Anti-Raid reportuser Report ann user to Sky Team s!reportuser @Kev1#5446
Anti-Raid checkid Verify if an user is in the blacklist s!checkid 443570807826939919
Anti-Raid raidon Block the writing of all the users in all the server s!raidon
Anti-Raid raidoff Unlock the writing of all the users in all the server s!raidoff
Administration alerteadm Lets make an ad with an @everyone mention s!alerteadm Hi ! This is my annonce
Administration setprefix Change Sky prefix s!setprefix !
Administration setlangage Change Sky language s!setlangage
Administration dm Send a private message from an user s!dm 443570807826939919 Hi ! How are you ?
Administration sondage Allows to propose a poll on its server s!sondage Do you like potatoes ?
Administration vraioufaux Allows to propose a true or false on its server s!vraioufaux English speak French
Administration mentionrole Allows to mention a role that can not be mentioned s!mentionrole Rolename
Administration config Check the configuration of the bot in its server s!config
Donors lyrics Display the lyrics of a music s!lyrics WOW - Post Malone
Donors supervolume Increase volume up to 1000% s!supervolume 500
Donors embed Create a custom embed s!embed
Sky partners Check the Sky partners s!partners
Sky bot Display informations about Sky s!bot
Sky checkperms Check the permissions of the bot in its server s!checkperms
Sky invite Create an invite for the Sky support server s!invite
Sky maj Display the last update s!maj
Sky ping Display the Sky latence s!ping
Sky shards Lets you know if the server pockets are stable s!shards
Sky donateurs Display Sky donators s!donateurs
Sky bug Report a bug to the Sky team s!bug
Sky contacter Contact the Sky support s!contacter
Utilities test test test